Mark One Electric is a second generation family owned business. Founded in 1974 by Carl and Josephine Privitera, Mark One serviced small business, commercial and industrial accounts. The company quickly developed a reputation for completing difficult jobs for demanding clients like GM and Ford and was soon working in car plants and industrial facilities across the country.


As they came of age, all four of Red and Josephine's children went to work for Mark One. Rosana, Joseph, Carl and Anthony came to learn the business from the bottom up, watching it grow. In 1994, Red retired and the company passed into their hands, with Rosana becoming President and the brothers assuming Vice President positions. 


Rosana explains, “We have a solid family nucleus. Each of us is different, but we complement each other. We've positioned ourselves into areas where we all have our own expertise, but we always rely on each other for advice. Joe oversees the Service Department, Carl is in charge of estimating and engineering, and Tony runs project management”


During their tenure, Mark One has grown to over 200 employees and is one of the region's top electrical contractors, participating in several of the region's high profile projects, such as the Ameristar and Argosy Casinos, JE Dunn headquarters, Applebee's headquarters, Sprint Center, Kauffman and Arrowhead stadium renovations, and the new Kauffman Performing Arts Center.


The Privitera family and Mark One Electric was featured in Ingram's Magazine. The article was titled, "From One Generation to the Next."


With nine grandchildren ranging in age from 7-25, the next generation is already showing an interest in the business. Rosana says, “I will forever treasure the time I spent working with my dad, and I hope my son, nieces and nephews will have memories like that, too. We're really building a legacy.”




"We learned so much from both my parents. They instilled in us beliefs: that hard work pays off, that staying positive is essential and that staying focused on a goal will help you achieve success. We've been able to take those core values to the next level."

-- Rosana Privitera Biondo, Pres. Mark One Electric


  Privitera siblings Carl, Joseph, Rosana, and Anthony