Founded in 1974 by Carl and Josephine Privitera, Mark One serviced small business, commercial and industrial accounts. The company quickly developed a reputation for completing difficult jobs for demanding clients and was soon working in car plants and industrial facilities across the country.

In 1994, Carl and Josephine retired from the company's day to day operations and passed Mark One on to their four children: Rosana, Joseph, Carl and Anthony.  Rosana Privitera Biondo was appointed company President at this time, with each brother taking Vice President positions in their respective areas of expertise.


Under their leadership, the company has evolved and diversified, providing an array of electrical construction services from design/build and pre-construction to underground, data/comm and specialty systems.  During their tenure, Mark One has grown to over 200 employees and is the specialty contractor of choice for the Kansas City construction community. 

With nine grandchildren, the next generation is beginning to  becoming a part of the business. Rosana says, “I will forever treasure the time I spent working with my dad, and I hope my son, niece and nephews will have memories like that, too. We are building a legacy.”